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    Story of a Young Ranger


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    Story of a Young Ranger

    Post by Starkiller on June 11th 2018, 00:42

    **801 A.S, Omicron Major, the final battle**

    20-year-old Squadron Lieutenant Gaelon o'Donnell looked around the cockpit of his Sabre, knowing what was ahead. It had been deemed a suicide mission, and he knew full well that if he made a mistake it would not end well for him. The nomads were aggressive, and felt no fear, had no sense of preservation. They were.. well.. alien. More importantly, these aliens had just destroyed Toledo, as if everyone didn't have enough reminders that they were in extreme danger.

    Gaelon got on the Comms and told his squadron to prepare themselves for whatever was coming. At the end of his message he paused for a moment, and spoke so softly it was practically a whisper "Good Luck everyone."

    He looked to his left, and saw that the main Order force was beginning to engage the Nomad swarm. He gave the command to move in, keeping a tight formation, and naturally watched Raya, one of his "wingmen", go screaming past with cruise engines blazing. He had little concern though as Raya was among the most experienced in the squadron. She knew how to handle her Eagle, and handle it she did.

    o'Donnell and his four remaining wingmen engaged their afterburners and headed into the fray, keeping unusually quiet given the dire situation. Any one of them could die, and they knew it. They were a tight knit squadron who almost always were prodding at each other even in the worst of times. Raya especially was known to tease for just about everything, and everyone loved her for it, although there had been some rather spectacular pranks pulled on her by the rest of the squadron for revenge. On the whole they were all fine young pilots, and for them to be silent was a testament to the severity of their predicament. Each pilot was more concerned with the rest of the squadron than themselves, and they were nervous to say the least.

    Nonetheless, the squadron quickly found themselves right at the heart of the fighting. Gaelon was on the tail of a morph, Raya was engaging another while firing on a second with her turret, another wingman by the name of Siro Vai, flying a Falcon, was assisting an Order pilot who had managed to get 3 morphs on him. The remaining 3 pilots were several kilometres away, but were holding their own. A strange sense of calm settled over Gaelon as his shots hit their mark and the morph in front of him evaporated. He couldn't help but feel relaxed despite the so-called "suicide mission", it was as if he had already accepted his fate and was merely waiting for the shot to hit his ship. The trio of remaining squadron members were now close to the entrance to the construct, and they could see Edison Trent enter it. Gaelon hoped that they succeed, afterall it was not their job to win. It was their job to buy as much time as possible for them to do their job inside the construct. The fact that they were entering gave him a faint wisp of hope that quickly grew into a firm belief that they would make it through, all they had to do was hold for a few minutes more.

    Gaelon, now confident and determined to get his squadron through, ordered the squadron to regroup around the gate and to hold it for as long as they needed to. Sure enough, within an minute the squadron were all clustered around the gate in pairs, with each pair watching each others backs. It was a common but effective tactic that the squadron had perfected over the past year or so of flying together, and it was reinforced by the fact that the pilots often covered each other without the need to communicate, resulting in a lethal fighting force that could give even the best fighter wings a run for their money, despite having less experience than some.

    Several minutes and countless nomads later, it was clear that something was activating inside the construct. Gaelon smiled. They had made it! They had survived the great Nomad War. Little did he notice Raya flying low above the constructs surface tailing one of the few morphs remaining. She was so focussed on the morph that she didn't pay attention to the pillar she was rapidly approaching. The eagle slammed into the pillar, tearing off it's left wing and sending it hurtling down into one of the trenches surrounding the gate of the construct. Gaelon only noticed when he saw the explosion of her powercore when her ship hit the..

    Vai's fingers snapped in front of Gaelon's face

    "hey, you listening to me??"

    *815 A.S, Freeport 1, Omega 3*

    Gaelon was snapped out of his trance as he looked at his former squadron member apologetically.

    "Siro.." Siro cut him off

    "Gaelon. No."

    Gaelon grimaced.

    "You know how stubborn she was. Chances are she would have come halfway through the battle anyway, regardless of what you said."

    Gaelon sighed. It had been weighing on his conscience on and off for the last 14 years. It was the one thing in his life he couldn't help but blame himself. He knew Vai was right but he still felt as if he was responsible. Afterall, he was squadron commander.

    "Look. We all loved Raya, but it's been 14 years.. You can't beat yourself up about this over and over and over. Hell, you're a commander now, and a god damn hero of the nomad war. As much as I hate to say it.. there's more meaning to your life than the loss of one squadron member... However much she may have meant to you.. to all of us.." Vai was visibly upset. It was clear that despite his words, he himself was still struggling to come to terms with it.

    Vai had been trying to watch her back that mission, since Raya was more than a little hungover from the previous night. He felt he had failed her, and in his mind her blood was on his hands.

    "You're right.. still... She didn't have to die" Gaelon replied slowly. "Anyway.. that's not important right now. Continue."

    Vai took a deep sigh. It was a vivid memory for both the Rangers, or former rangers in Vai's case. He had since left and affiliated himself with the Red Hessians.

    "Well.. as I was saying. The Wild are wreaking absolute havoc to our supply lines across the omegas. Truth is we don't really know how much longer we can take it before the damage starts taking a major toll on the HEssians. Good news, yes there is some, is that we've worked out where they're striking from. Other bad news.. we don't have the manpower to spare, which of course is why you're here. So.. how would you feel about vengeance, Gaelon?"

    Gaelon smiled dryly, "Well, it won't do her justice, but we can at least do something. What's the target?"

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