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    Bretonia Mining an Fabrication

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    Bretonia Mining an Fabrication Empty Bretonia Mining an Fabrication

    Post by Lord Chaos June 7th 2018, 23:41

    Bretonia Mining an Fabrication 3wkyl99f
    Bretonia Mining and Fabrication

    Bretonia Mining and Fabrication is a Bretonian industrial company with its headquarters, Isle Of Skye , located in  Orbit of Planet New London.

    Founded in the year 821 A.S. by the precocious Lord Duncan MacRae upon the motto "Fide et Fortitudine", the main intentions of Bretonia Mining and Fabrication are not profit-driven. Instead, the primary intent is to realize and secure well paid jobs for any Bretonian or friendly Sirian.
    Moreover, the secondary intent is to strengthen the Bretonian economy with products like ore, spaceship equipment and space stations.

    Later on, Lord Duncan MacRae’s ship was lost in an unstable Jump-hole and nobody knows if he is alive or not. Mr. Zak Conner was left alone at the helm of Bretonia Mining and Fabrication but he was well trained and prepared by Lord Duncan MacRae, Cpt. Cyrus, and, with the support of the head of the Bretonia Police Authority, had the ability and skills to keep the Bretonian organization stable and avoid any negative impact on Bretonia’s security or economy. Zak is still living with the hope and the motivation that Lord Duncan MacRae will one day return.. Even if he is the only one who believes so.

    “We can and we will"

    Later on Bretonia Mining and Fabrication would  manage a Base construction team in a tremendous logistic operation to deconstruct Fortitudine and Fortisec space stations and rebuild them in the New London system giving an extraordinary example of not giving up after the raw-hydrocarbon mining field in Manchester had dried out and the bases been left useless. The movement was made and the bases are now focused on the storage of Gold Ore, giving the Isle Of Skye the space to focus more on the production of equipment and other the distribution of other types of ore.

    After the loss of the Leeds system and the frequent attacks from GRN, Bretonia Mining and Fabrication decided to step in and do something. Bretonia Mining and Fabrication dedicated its own security station Fortisec as a picking point to support Planet Leeds and as a suitable place for Marines to be taken later to Leeds and also to serve as a place for the refugees on their way back so they can receive any medication needed to be transferred later to planet Sprague.

    That’s not all, Bretonia Mining and Fabrication did not forget the expending dream in the Taus especially Tau-23 which is very rich of resources and link the system again with Bretonia. But after Galia occupied Tau-31 Gate Construction Site the dream became impossible.. impossible but not forgotten. Now the fortisecs first priority is to support Bretonia Armed Forces in getting the Leeds system back. And maybe get their hands on lost stations such as LD-14 and Stokes Mining Station.

    A fundamental idea is that Bretonia Mining and Fabrication runs on people power. It’s those same people that we involve when decisions need to be made. Decisions are generally made by  involving the  vote of every member.
    Instead of being patronised, all members are valued and are requested to communicate their opinions and their suggestions for improvement. Every member can nominate to assume responsibility or ask for advanced training to increase and improve his special features and fortitudes.

    To be able to defend all members, constructions and achievements, besides providing as much safety as possible in Bretonia Mining and Fabrication’s operating sectors, the company has established an affiliated company named FortiSec as well as it’s cultivating fair-minded and respectful relationships to Bretonian lawfuls like the Bretonia Police Authority.

    Production Strategy

    Our Vision is to analyze who the customers are, what customers need, and how we can deliver a unique offering on the market, target customers directly while positioning a competitive corporate market share

    1- Increase revenue by 50%
    2- Expand our market into all house systems not only Bretonia
    3- Increase the number of outsourcing shipping contracts by 50%
    4- Focus more in our core business which is Fabrication and increase our production capacity by 100%
    5- Increase our production stock.
    6- Upgrade our production station Isle Of Skye
    7- Build more factories on our space station Isle Of Skye and move the Hyperspace factory from Fortisec to Isle Of Skye
    8- Support Bretonia’s Armed Forces and the Bretonian police authority with any war equipment needed

    Mining Strategy
    Bretonia Mining and Fabrication BMF| is in authority of the Gold Ore mining in the Dublin system. Therefore the base Fortitudine was moved to provide a headquarters to administrate the mining operations, a storage and sales place for the local mined ore and a place to live for the BMF staff and their families.

    Furthermore Bretonia Mining and Fabrication is involved in the mining of Beryllium, Hydrocarbons and Niobium. Mining into the heart of the Omegas by striking a fast, well organized and secured Mining operation using our array of the latest equipment and technology. Therefore a place was dedicated on our Isle Of Skye station, to provide a storage and sales space for the mined ore and accommodation for the BMF Omegas miners.

    Are you a passionate miner and into Bretonian tea? Well this might be the place for you. We offer an attractive contract, 'Hegemon' mining vessel fitted with the classiest furnishings and vintage mahogany.. Or maybe a Stork is more your style? Also, enjoy a free drink at our Tea & Pee Bar and a weekly pay of 6.875.000 SC for full Hegemon loads of Gold ore delivered to Fortitudine 's storage.
    Every eligible miner can apply for an employment at Fortitudine : Apply now!

    Base Building Strategy
    A new service of BMF is base building. For every customer who is able to explain the lawfulness of his venture as well as to provide all official documents like base registrations and applications signed by the local authorities.
    For further information or a base building request, please check this: Request now!

    One of the most famous achievements for our Base Building team was the deconstruction of two of the BMF bases and rebuilding them in record time in the New London system, setting a new standard in base building and giving an example of not giving up  


    ►Initial Base Construction: 10.000.000 credits
    (Without initial commodities)
    ►Initial Base Construction: 15.000.000 credits
    (Initial commodities included)
    ►Storage Module: 7.500.000 credits
    ►Shield Module: 10.000.000 credits (without fuel)
    ►Weapon Platform: 34.000.000 credits
    ►Docking Module Factory: 22.000.000 credits
    ►Hyperspace Survey Factory: 25.000.000 credits
    ►Jump Drive Factory Module Factory: 25.000.000 credits
    ►Cloaking Device Factory: 25.000.000 credits
    ►Weapon Platform: 34.000.000 credits
    ►Core Upgrade: 69.000.000 credits

    Space stations

    Isle of Skye
    Isle of Skye is Bretonia Mining and Fabrication BMF| Headquarter and Bretonia Castle Of Production and one of the largest and most major bases in New London system. The Isle of Skye is connected to planet New London by bridge known for its rugged landscapes. We invite every faction that is in a good standing with Bretonia to visit our space station.

    If you are looking to be a pilot, know for your hard work, skilful flying, and to be respected by the honourable men and women of her majesty the Queen. Then we are looking for you. We will help you with making a life for yourself, your husbands or wives, and your children, on top of this you will also have the money to be able to pay those pirates of for your wellbeing and your own safety.

    We need miners, transports and scientists! If you want to work in a company where a person counts more than the profit of the company, feel free to write us your application: Apply now!

    We need reliable fighters to secure our bases, to protect our miners and to escort our transports. Become a Fortitudine Security Officer: Apply now!

    Bretonia Mining and Fabrication ships
    The mentioned ships are only suggestions. Any ship with 100% Compatibility technology is ok to use

    Base building
    "Hercules" Civilian Base Construction Platform

    B-40-E "Percheron" Bretonia Transport
    "Shire" Bretonian Container Transport
    "Titanic" Civilian Heavy Tanker
    "Shetland" Bretonian Train
    Bretonia Royal Cruise Liner
    CT-73 "Stork" Civilian Advanced Train

    MV-422-B "Surveyor" Civilian Light Miner
    DU5-7Y "Hegemon" Civilian Mining Ship
    B-27-E "Clydesdale" Bretonia Freighter

    CTE-4000 "Griffin" Civilian Light Fighter

    Security and Escorting
    CTE-3000 "Falcon" Civilian Heavy Fighter
    CTE-6000 "Eagle" Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
    CTE-19000 "Roc" Civilian Bomber
    IR-7 "Raven's Talon" Civilian Very Heavy Fighter
    WAR-4b "Waran" Civilian Bomber

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