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    }SDW{ The Expansion

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    Post by Lord Chaos July 12th 2018, 17:41

    }SDW{ The Expansion MeBB4NS
    =Shadow Neural Net=
    "'''Welcome to the Cortex'''"
    Commence Operation? '''Yes'''
    Please Choose an Operation:
    '''Download Files:'''
    '''Phantom Reapers'''
    '''Phantom Shadows'''
    '''The Shadow Empire'''
    ----Commence File Download----
    ---Files Downloaded:
    '''The Shadows Expancion'''

    The begining...

    As a new dawn aproches on the Phantom Shadow Empire, the expansion has come to a breaking point.
    The sector Omicron 82 is still under attack by the Nomads and Das Wilde forces, as for the Shadows,  they  seem to ignore the treat at theyr doorstep.
    Now, theyr like has been constantly seen intervening in the outcome of any given battle, as long as there is combat in the contuguous space to Lewis and Omicron 82, if there is a conflict between the Bretonian and Galic forces, the Shadows interveene and unexplicably help wich ever group is being destroyed, although, none of the governments admit it, the word is spreading, the Shadows dont whant anyone to win... or do they?
    The several surviving pilots from either side, speak of an incredible kindness and hospitality from the Shadow Reapers, aswell as the appointed Eidolons that have many times been seen in person by saved pilots, all of them seem peacefull and even sympathetic...
    The weird of it, is that they never speak directly to te rescuees, tho maintaining them as confortable as kings, they have the habbit of jetissoning the living quarters in wich the rescuees live into open space, usualy  near a starport or a planet, thus ensuring the survival of the pilots,
    they also revealed that the Shadow vessels stay near the jetissoned modules until any ship arrives at the location and rescues the module.
    This forgiving behaviour from the Shadow menbers is spreading, it is known that the Shadows have in theyr ranks many diferent pilots, ranging from Kusary to Rheinland, even IMG and GMG have lost pilots from theyr ranks to the Shadow ranks, along with theyr particular skills, the Shadows have
    aquired knoledge from all houses and independant organisations , and tho it would be expected that they strike, like they did with Planet Cambridge they didnt...
    This situation strikes fear in the hearts of the Dirigents and leaders of the Houses, but in turn bring hope to the opressed humans in Sirius...
    Looks like finaly there is hope for a brighter future, for the Shadow asks for nothing in return...
    Several times it has been recorded the Shadow transmissions, usualy, before engaging,  a darkening pray can be heard over the Comms, it doesnt matter how many ships belong to the shadows, all of them as one would transmit in open Comms chanel this pray:

    }SDW{ The Expansion L2yUFK7

    "Wondering light, pondering Shadow,
    Here i am and here i stand,
    Untouchable by Light, folowed by Shadow,
    In this circle of might, we are omniscient,
    For we are the power for we bear the Light
    The Shadow is the Tool and the Light the purpose.
    Accept this offer of Light or be enbeded in the Shadow,
    There is no choice only purpose.
    Purpose to live in the Light or to perish in the Shadow."

    As the prayer ends, the Shadow Vessels apear from the dark side of the stars, obliterating the enemies with no mercy.
    Wichever side is winning, turning the tide, there are stories...
    Rumors amongs the rescued pilots...
    Rummors as the Shadows condemn violence, they also do no admit any deviance from peace... They can save you one day and kill you in the next... No one can tell...
    Only but one thing is certain ...
    If you are engaged into batle in theyr presence, and if you are winning its advised to leave the region, and dock as soon as possible if you hear the dreaded prayer... your fate is set.
    Besides Lewis, there are also reports about Omicron Kappa and Omega 47, 2 more sectors were there has been reports of Shadows sighting.
    Always using the same "modus operandi" that they use in the Lewis region, they have seeked to estabelish forward bases , the reason for this remains unknown, tho it seems to be one of the Shadow priorities to estabelish such homes away from home.
    Its is also known that each of these forward bases are under the control of a single Administrator, these are chosen from the Eidolons, the enlightened ones, and by the anointed Revenant, this position is currently held by Darkstar.
    }SDW{ The Expansion XCW1H51
    Fig.1-Planetary Overview of the misterious lights that surround each Gathering of the Shadows

    It has also bleeded out, that this is not a permanent leadership, for even the most revered Revenants have given up theyr position and steped down, as they know theyr methods or leadership isnt doing its best to forward the mission of the Shadows.
    This type of leadership, is overwelmingly uncentered, for no one ever held to the position without showing worthyness, as each Revenant ceases his labour, the Eidolons convene into the Gathering of Shadows, wich is held in the C'Tan Festival of Night, wich in turn is held every Sirius Galaxy Cycle.
    }SDW{ The Expansion 05Nlsrm
    Fig.2- C´Tan Siren: Chants of the Festival of night.

    For the enlightened ones seem to never grow old, the last Gathering has taken place Cyrca 600AS which in turn means that Revenant Darkstar is at least around 200 years old, the aproximated age of the 3Eidolons is currently unknown, tho many have seen them and even were touched by theyr hands, no one ever got to know intimacy with them.
    Many have been interrogated after being rescued from Shadow hands and usualy we have any and all information about everything but the Eidolons, the resqued pilots seem to nurish utter respect and apreciation for theyr saviours, even survivors from the Shadow attacks have been respectfull towards the Shadow Leaders.
    The rumour remains of untold objectives and dark intents but not a word deeming the Shadows have been known yet...
    Altought The Shadows seem to represent evil and darkness, theyr actions havnt been in accordanc with this chaotic vision of them...
    Until this moment... the Shadow is the part of the Light that we should fear the less.

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