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    Statement of Intent

    BAF Command
    BAF Command

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    Statement of Intent Empty Statement of Intent

    Post by BAF Command November 22nd 2018, 16:03


    To:  High Command Rhineland Military

    From: BAF Command, New London



    We would bring to your attention the actiities of one of your vessels under the heading of MND with the name Stiener.
    This vessel has been observed in the Bretonian system of Dundee aiding GRN warships in the GRN operations of expansionism into the systems of other nations.
    While we normlly welcome all official visits of visiting nations, the activity of this craft borders on hostile activity.
    We ask if you are aware of this vessels actions?
    If not then we would respectfully submit that you may have a rogue ship and crew operating outside your mandate and ask that you intervien to cease this ships activity.

    If we can assist in the arrest of this rogue ship and crew please respond accordinly.

    If however you are aware of this ships operation then we sumise that Rhineland has moved into hostile activities against Bretonia without any declaration. Therefore we ask that you state the intentions of Rhineland with clarity.

    I remain Sir

    D Richards

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