From:     Adm. Stefan Schrimmel    / Rheinland Military High Command
To:         Gustav Raedel      /coordinator of MND operations
Subject: interrupting the covert operation in Dundee

As it turned out to be unfortunate, some RM units that we haven't identified yet were in breach of the issued provision. In this case
the activity of Reimann class cruiser (as the involved of this covert operation) maybe could not remain in secret anymore and we believe it is necessary withdraw his authorization immediately.

Obviously the captain of the Steiner class ship will be arrested and also
will be accountable for his actions before the tribunal, because this rule braking behaviour created a critical diplomatic situation.

Under my command instruct the Reimann for the fastest return to Rheinland space, and definitely must avoid any type of encounters with the Bretonian forces.

Adm. Stefan Schrimmel