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    Capture the Transport / Mini event


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    Capture the Transport / Mini event Empty Capture the Transport / Mini event

    Post by commander_Gab May 16th 2018, 23:25

    Capture the Transport / Mini event Op-smu10

    Mission starts: of May / evening hours

    Mission ends : of May / evening hours

    Mission goal: catch up and destroy the smuggler convoy

    The smugglers are returning on this weekend again. They are trying to infiltrate into the heartland of Liberty and reach his destination at Bretonia.

    This mini-event starting from Friday afternoon until Sunday evening, and everyone keep an eye out for the USV-Rogue pirate squadron, launching well protected and armored convoys full of expensive contrabands, secret scientific research documents, prototype weapons and anything they can get their hands on.

    The Convoys will launch randomly, but will be publicly announced on Universe Chat when a convoy is being launched. PVP death rules are nullified, you can respawn and attack using as many and different characters as you wish, but keeping in mind the ZOI and your ID limitations. The Convoys will be using Freelancer IFF and Pirate ID, so using lawful characters is recommended.

    Try to place some well equipped fighters in liberty/bretonia/border worlds region. (Police ID's are especially useful considering their ability to scan and oversee the traffic in trade lanes and jump gates using /net all)

    Everyone can join the event at any given time using only these three ship classes: LF, HF and VHF

    There is no fixed start or end time at the moment, but will be announced beforehand when we are sure most of us can attend the event. Every player who joines the event will receive a fix credit reward, bonuses for kills and not to mention the goodies that will be hauled - after a transport is destroyed, players are free to fight over the dropped loot in space, or work together to get the most out of it. Teamwork is encouraged!

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