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    Bounty Board - Contracts


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    Bounty Board - Contracts Empty Bounty Board - Contracts

    Post by L'egendary June 3rd 2018, 17:09

    Purpose of this channel is to post Bounty Contracts which then can be completed by members of factions capable of doing so. (like Bounty Hunters Guild, Ranger Mercenary Corps, Freelancers, etc.) This channel is also used to post Bounty Contracts for the destruction of POBs that are declared to be Sieged.

    The Bounty Contract MUST include:
    - The correct name of the character on which the bounty is issued,
    - The bounty amount itself,
    - Optional: Any information that may lead to it's destruction. (system last seen in, activity, ship type, level, equipment, etc)

    Every normal bounty contract can be completed once, after which it expires. (this applies to POBs too, but in this case, the Siege of the base can only be ATTEMPTED once, after which the contract expires and can't be completed anymore by the individual who attempted to destroy it.)

    When someone completed a bounty contract, it must be proved by taking a screenshot of the alleged kill, along with a timestamp (typing /time into the chat while the kill log is shown on the screen). Then, rewards MUST be issued by the Bounty Board, or administrators will take action.
    Ranger Mercenary Corps
    Ranger Mercenary Corps

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    Bounty Board - Contracts Empty Re: Bounty Board - Contracts

    Post by Ranger Mercenary Corps June 3rd 2018, 17:28

    Bounty Board - Contracts T3ZqBus

    The RMC is now open to contracts. We look forward to your business.

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