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    Hostile Activity Rhineland

    BAF Command
    BAF Command

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    Hostile Activity Rhineland Empty Hostile Activity Rhineland

    Post by BAF Command November 21st 2018, 15:43

    To: All BAF Establishments, BAF Vessels, Bretonian Interests, Allies of Bretonia and Peacefull Establishments and ships operating in Bretonia.

    From: BAF High Command New London.

    Hostile Ativity Rhineland Vessels

    It is apparent that A Rhineland Military Ship is operating in Dundee. This ship appears to be aiding the GRN against Bretonian Vessels in hostile activity.

    While no declaration of war or hostile intent has been made by Rhineland against Bretonia we are advising all vessels operation out of Bretonia or exercising their right of passage through Bretonia to be extra vigilant in Rhineland or when encountering Rhineland ships. BAF vessels are not permitted to fire upon Rhineland Ships unless such Rhineland ships are engaged in hostile acts against BAF ships, Its Allies or vessels it is the BAF duty to assist or protect.
    The executive order remains in force untill further notice.


    D Richards
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