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    diplomatic reason to BAF


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    diplomatic reason to BAF Empty diplomatic reason to BAF

    Post by commander_Gab December 2nd 2018, 13:29

    diplomatic reason to BAF UZf5O70m

    From:     Stefan Schrimmel / Military HQ of Rheinland
    To:          BAF Command , New London
    Subject:  intruder units of Bretonian space

    We can assure her majesty the certain regrettable events there can only be some misunderstanding.
    We declared for you the certainty, the intruder vessel did not belong under the control of Rheinland Military.
    We will work hard with all our strength,in order to preserve peace among our nations.
    Besides we can promise that we will find the responsibiles and we will punish them by the power of law.

    Stefan Schrimmel
    BAF Command
    BAF Command

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    diplomatic reason to BAF Empty Re: diplomatic reason to BAF

    Post by BAF Command December 3rd 2018, 11:42

    To: Military Command HQ Rhineland
    From: BAF Command New London

    FAO: Stefan Schrimmel


    We are indeed very thankful for your reassurance and information on the renegade that has caused us distress.
    Please be assured that no Rhineland Vessel or craft has any sanction placed against them less for the renegade to whom you refer. We wish that only a peaceful coalletion exists between our nations when there are so many threats from other areas.

    Her Majesty wish to convey to your HQ that she and her government would welcome a visit of good will from your Military flagship in order that it may cement a feeling of confidence in the people of our nations.

    Your Sincerly

    D Richards


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