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    Major changes of the new mod


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    Major changes of the new mod Empty Major changes of the new mod

    Post by commander_Gab April 23rd 2018, 19:19

    As you can see the 48.75 version Warzone MOD has launched on his way.

    Major changes:
    - The downloaded package includes the entire Freelancer (2003) game updated to latest version

    + Discovery Freelancer 4.87 along with all 7 "official" updates installed + old Warzone files synchronized with the current files to improve overall stability

    - Cruise speed is increased by 200 on most ships
    Heavier transports and capital ships can go up to 500m/s if they don't have a visible engine slot

    - Cargo sizes revamped, and balanced
    House Faction Supertransports have 17.500 cargo space, Civilian supertransports have 15.000, ships from small transports up to luxury liners have cargo spaces between 2500 and 10.000 with jump drive capabilities, Freighters have tripled cargo space (with very few exceptions, like the Council Tarvos)

    - Every price is cut down by 90% or more.
    Commodities, weapons, equipment and loot is affected by this change; NPC Pilot commodity's price reduced by 66% (so they worth more in this environment) Increased sell prices of Nomad remains, added Nomad Cruiser Remains

    - Flhook adjustements, decreased pob consumption rates and faster module production
    Other adjustements include no base idle kick, max ammo limit, cloak fuel consumption rates

    - Several other contents has balanced

    - Cau8 is no longer four times more expensive than Cau6 while providing only 0.4 more hull their prices now make more sense.. Also smaller armours have adjusted prices, Au8 costs 525.000 credits now (it would be 5.250.000 in older price system)

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