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    POB Supply changes


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    POB Supply changes Empty POB Supply changes

    Post by L'egendary March 3rd 2019, 15:59

    As some of you may have noticed, the Player Owned Bases are currently don't require either any Food, Oxygen, Water, Crew, Repair materials or anything to survive - we turned off the Wear&Tear damage of the bases, meaning they will survive even if you no longer supply them.

    This is done due to the very possible and inevitable fate of the server database being reset due to the next update - long story short, a crucial update was left out of the original NWZ installation, an update that was supposed to fix game-breaking bugs.. and as it happens, these game-breaking errors surfaced several weeks ago, creating problems for both us and the players that are not experienced before. As a counter to this, I've began to re-synchronize NWZ files back into the original installation folder one by one, which will possibly result in the server no longer recognizing some files due to sum-checks, and will quite possibly reset itself to ensure a clean start... which means that every character, account, and almost everything (with a possible exception of POBs) will be lost unfortunately.

    To make sure your stay here is more relaxed, we disabled consumption on bases to ensure you can spend more time playing the game, instead of supplying your bases. Take this chance to take a break, relax, and focus on other aspects of the game!

    I know I said this many times, but it can not be repeated enough - whatever we have on the server, unfortunately, is temporary - until we fix and eradicate these problems and errors, everything is temporary on the server, but we are hoping that all our efforts in NWZ Alpha will change this, and all of us can enjoy this game together without having to worry about game-breaking problems.

    Have a nice day, enjoy the weekend and see you on the server! -L

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