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    NWZ U#3 - 2018.04.29


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    NWZ U#3 - 2018.04.29 Empty NWZ U#3 - 2018.04.29

    Post by L'egendary on April 29th 2018, 19:17

    New update is available, please install it!
    1. mediafire.com file/cjaa5k1qfhjcg5g/NWZ+%233+Update.7z
    2. mediafire.com file/di6r7ece18ir636/NWZ+%233+Update.rar (ONLY if the previous link and update doesnt work)

    Extract the contents of NWZ#3 Update.rar inside your Freelancer Warzone folder, where you can see folders like DATA, EXE and et., and overwrite everything. If it went well, now you can join the server and play normally. If not, contact me and we will get it sorted out.

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