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    Fate of Leeds


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    Fate of Leeds Empty Fate of Leeds

    Post by commander_Gab May 31st 2018, 20:41

    Let me advise you the brand new event:

    Fate of Leeds | RP-PvE Event

    Starting from 2018. May 24, until a certain goal is reached, the Gallic Royal Navy and the Bretonia Armed Forces has set up bases in the Dundee system, launching various vessels, capturing the enemy's pilots and high ranking officers for interrogation.. by any means necessary. BAF has set their base up in Dunde System, Sector E3, and the GRN has set their base up in Dundee system, Sector D6.

    Primary Goal - Locate, destroy, capture and deliver enemy pilot lifepods to your faction base.
    - BAF players should destroy GRN npcs, tractor beam their lifepods and deliver them to the BAF base in Sector E3
    - GRN players should destroy BAF npcs, tractor beam their lifepods and deliver them to the GRN base in Sector D6

    Secondary Goal - Stop enemy players from achieving the primary goal.
    - Zone of Influence and Diplomacy rules are considered for this event, Nomads and Wild players can attack anyone, Freelancers and Bounty Hunters can be hired by either side.

    Pilot Lifepod Commodities have increased prices as a means of monetary reward and to attract more players to join.
    - Fighter Pilots = 25.000 credit + 1 faction point
    - Gunboat Captain = 125.000 credit + 5 faction points
    - Cruiser Commander = 250.000 credit + 10 faction points
    - Fleet Admiral = 500.000 credit + 50 faction points

    Mini-Events will be randomly held in the system to further increase both the challenge, fun and rewards.
    If BAF earns more faction points than the GRN, then Leeds system will be returned under the authority of Bretonia.

    Fate of Leeds Fate_o10

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