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    Possible problems in the future


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    Possible problems in the future Empty Possible problems in the future

    Post by L'egendary January 3rd 2019, 00:21

    If you see this message, I REALLY advise you to read it, because the future of the server is at stake, and it all depends on everyone playing on it.

    So this is not 100% sure, confirmed or anything, but listen - As we are working on the next update, there will be more changes than all other updates combined into one.. we are talking about entire re-balancing and overhauls, and it will be the biggest and most seriously undertaken update so far in the history of warzone without doubt.

    PROBLEM: IF we make ONE mistake that the server doesn't like (we don't know yet what kind of mistake) then the entire integrity of the DATABASE will be at risk. What this means? Database stores information about the server itself, and every account and character on it.. if there is a mistake that inadvertedly makes a chainreaction of problems, it can cause the corruption of the ENTIRE database.
    Which basically results having to wipe clean everything, and start again.. everything. Players have to make new accounts, create new characters, start again..

    Theoretically, POBs are not affected by the database, because the POBs are stored in an entirely seperated folder.

    So we ask you, the players - if this happens and we can't do anything about it, would you still play here if we offered compensation? We would help you get back most of your important ships, companse the loss of credits, and even valuables (rare commodities or codenames) if it was necessary.

    Once again, this is highly unlikely, and has very small chance of occuring, but we can't ignore it - we are committed to finish the Alpha version of Warzone, and we felt it would be the best to tell you all about this one possibility.

    Please, please read this, acknowledge it, consider it, and state your honest opinion about it - we will take every pre-caution to ensure stability and playability, but we also require your opinion about this!

    Also a small example of what could cause such catastrophic errors: When we were modifying restart templates even in the slightest (we are talking about changing ONE number..) it caused the restart template to give every player that used it the same name.. If there were two players with the same name, the database corrupted itself, allowed more than 5 characters on a single account, banned without reason or without warning, and corrupted entire accounts without telling..

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    Possible problems in the future Empty Re: Possible problems in the future

    Post by Gunner January 3rd 2019, 10:36

    Answered on discord
    Are you not on discord? Then we ask and advice you to join in the conversations on discord.

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