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    Future of Warzone


    Are you okay with the reset of the Database if it means the server can continue?

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    Future of Warzone Empty Future of Warzone

    Post by L'egendary March 1st 2019, 14:00

    This message is for the players since this mod exists because of you. So if you wish to enjoy the mod for many more years, please read the following:

    Sadly, everything on the server is TEMPORARY!

    Due to player feedback, we launched the server last April as a sort of testing ground, and to offer our players a place to play until we finish working on the mod. It's playable, but it has problems and we still couldn't establish an auto-updater of any kind. Just want to keep everyone on the same page, that sadly, whatever we have on the server, is temporary - When the next update (NWZ Alpha version) is released, it might not be compatible with the server Database, which will result in an inevitable reset of the Database, which will then get rid of almost everything; sum checks, accounts, characters... (with maybe an exception to POBs, they are handled completely outside of the server files). I just want all players to remember this - we can not guarantee to keep everything the same as it is when we launch the Alpha version, due to how modding and coding is done in freelancer. One simple unforeseen error can result in catastrophic consequences, which will all end with one thing - complete reset of the Database.

    We will be cooperative to help you get started again - the Developer Team is here to make sure you enjoy your time here, and giving everyone a chance to be entertained - and I hope a reset like this will not hinder anyone's motivation to play.

    NWZ Alpha will use Old Warzone as a foundation to build on, but, Alpha version will only bring more and more to the table, without taking away anything from the Warzone feeling. We will implement and introduce new ships, weapons, game mechanics, files, plugins and much more, to ensure almost everyone can be entertained by doing something they like. The game will obviously be re-balanced while introducing new things (I'll try to make these things to be a surprise, but we are working on an experimental fighter jumpdrive for example), exploration will be given more attention in the upcoming update, as wrecks will be given much-needed update, new commodities will surface, new trade routes being developed (Thanks to Gunner) and the story of the game will finally kick into the next gear (Thanks to Gab)

    As an end note, I'd just like to remind everyone that the people working on this mod are only interested in one thing - that the players playing Warzone will find entertainment and joy in it, make new friends and enjoy this classic game until the very end! Our satisfaction comes from your happiness, so we will do everything to give our players a mod that they will find fun in it!

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    Future of Warzone Empty Re: Future of Warzone

    Post by EdAmes March 2nd 2019, 20:17

    If i loose everything no problem.I hope to see a better game.Thanks for your hard work team.

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